Mar 21, 2020: One

The first casualty, close to home, of this whole crisis is my PlayStation, it turns out.

Which is incredibly annoying.

Somewhere along the line, whether it’s a software update gone wrong or just a general failure in the hardware, something has broken which leads to an error message which – when you Google it – requires extensive surgery to the machine and might not even fix it. I was hoping a new controller was all it needed – as I discovered this issue last week – but, alas, that was not to be the case.

So it’s dead.

And I’ve disconnected it and sworn at it and put it out of sight.

It’s annoying because I’d formulated a plan to build some Escape Room games in Dreams, which I could then mention to customers of our place and they could, if they had Dreams, download them and hopefully have some fun. I don’t know how successful that plan would have been, but that was a plan I had.

It’s still a plan.

It’s just on hold. Because now is not the time to be buying a new PlayStation to replace my attractive gaming brick.


Still, on the same topic, I have got an email from Unity saying that their usually premium service is free for the next three months as a boredom-buster during the worldwide lock-down. So I might go back to trying to learn to code in Unity and see what happens. I did a bit of it a couple of years ago and I quite enjoyed it. And I’ve upgraded the computer since so… maybe that’s the way to go.

Who knows.

Anyway, that’s day one of lock-down. A day in which my PlayStation was officially declared dead but, other than that, has been quite productive in terms of general pottering and doing stuff that has always fallen under an umbrella of “I’ll do that when I have more time” but actually doesn’t take much time when you do do it.

Like, I mean, I don’t want to make you all jealous, but I had a lovely ten minutes throwing away socks that were too small or full of holes.

I am living the dream.

Now, I need to sort out all the Twitch and Skype and Zoom and whatever else I need to do to bring strangers virtually into our home.

And luckily, the death of PlayStation does afford me a spare wired internet slot…

The very embodiment of taking with one hand and giving with the other.

Onward to day two…