Mar 23, 2020: Three

Day three, for me, and the madness scale is still low, which is excellent.

I did go for a nap today, but I will stress that was down to being stupidly wilty this afternoon and not because I’m having some sort of depressive crisis and am sleeping the days away.

I’ve found today to be quite exhausting though and – having just socially distanced the crap out of Facebook by snoozing almost every single person, group, page and whatever other thing I follow on there for the next thirty days, I am about to rant about it. Which is why I snoozed everything in the first place.

Holy crap, guys. Do we all need to make a post on Facebook about how it’s been mother’s day but we’ve not been able to see our mothers and how the virus has kept everyone apart but that we still love them.

Do we? Everyone? Did I miss a memo.

Or do we all need to rant about all the people still going out and hanging around together? Or all the people queuing at McDonald’s to get their final fix of a Big Mac before they shut. And tomorrow it’ll be all about Gregg’s.


I can’t see how – especially as we’re now on a lock-down – that using Facebook like that can possibly be doing anyone’s mental health any good. I just don’t get it. I’ve snoozed so many people. So many. All I’m left with is my sister because she just got a puppy, a couple of people I used to work with, the work page and the Death By Monsters podcast. There are a few others which will throw up links to live comedy and the like. But mainly, it’s all gone.

I don’t need however many people telling me – and their other friends – there’s a lockdown in place. Or that they’re working from home. Or sharing pictures of their children doing homework, not doing homework or whatever. I just don’t.

But equally, I don’t want to delete the app in its entirety because I use it for work – although that’s a moot point at the moment – and because I fricking love having out on the Death By Monsters podcast group, and it’s one of my favourite places to go and make bad jokes and have fun.

But the amount of crap to wade through to get there has been horrendous. And I can’t just click on the group tab to get there because I end up seeing posts from the Escape Room Enthusiasts group and they get on my tits something chronic.

And breathe.

So that’s day three.

The last Board Game Crate came today, though, and it has Tiny Towns in it, so I;m ridiculously happy about that.

And I have a really good way to play that remotely with other people – in theory with infinite numbers of other people. Unless I’ve snoozed them. In which case they can do one…