Mar 24, 2020: Four

The interesting thing about this whole quarantine/lockdown affair is that where a lot of people have gained extra time due to no commute to work or whatever, I have actually lost time. I don’t have as much time as I used to have to do things, somehow, because I’m being made to do things.

I was dragged out on a walk today because, I don’t know, it’s government sanctioned or whatever. We went on a walk down to the canal which was described, variously, as beautiful and lovely.

Which it is, unless you look at the metal fences on either side and the looming warehouses and whatever else along the banks. There was even one place that had two structures that wouldn’t be amiss in a video game in which you had to break into an enemy base of some sort. One even had a broken walkway which looked like it had been blown up.

And we kept walking along until “the next bend” wondering where it would come out, before we turned round and went back the way we came. Having got home and studied the map, we would have probably been able to leave the canal at Hot Tub World which is, incidentally, my favourite seedy sounding shop.

I’ve also lost the afternoon to playing online with the niece. We started off in Farm Together, which I gifted her a copy of. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a nice chilled out farming game. You plant stuff, it grows, you harvest it. You make money. You fulfil quests and quotas. It’s nice and fun and lovely.

When I was joined online, I had 600 thousand in gold. I gave Moo access to everything so she could enjoy herself. She spent almost 500k in about half an hour. I spent an hour or so this evening tidying up my farm (there are sporadic clusters of chickens around the place) and trying to get some of the money back. I managed to get back about 100k and that took ages and a lot of carrots, so she’s banned from the shop the next time she pops over to my farm…