Mar 25, 2020: Five

Today we have mainly been subjected to the god-awful musical taste of next door which, when you’re trying to work from home (by which I mean Carole, as I am just essentially dossing about for the next however long) is not anywhere near ideal. In fact it’s a bloody chore. We’ve been drowning it out with some heavy Mozart but there’s only so many times you can listen to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before you absolutely lose your shit.

What makes this amusing, for me at least – it’s very much a touchy subject for Carole – is that I went out to mow the lawn this afternoon – while their music was being blasted around the neighbourhood – and they had the cheek/gall/whatever to come and close their door because the noise I was making was disturbing them. Disturbing them. Them.

I’ll be honest, they’re absolute fuckers.

So three weeks of lockdown with these bellends living next door isn’t going to be any sort of fun in the slightest. Although I am surprised they’re even entertaining the notion of following any sort of guidelines laid down for them as they seem to like to bend things where possible – having said that, they’ve had numerous visitors this afternoon. I mean, if they’re going to see people anyway, they could just fuck off out and do it.

On the plus side, we’re gathering lots of lovely data to feed to the council noise complaint people.

I’ve also been on call to help Carole with any technical issues arising from the surge in video conferencing which is striking home workers at the moment. I was able to provide no help, apart from to ascertain that everything works on the laptop as a normal device but once it becomes the University desktop as well everything goes to pot. So that’s fun.

It’s a shame though as Caz had put a blanket on the couch to make it look all nice for the cameras.

We’ll try again tomorrow. Gives me tonight to come up with something funny to leave in the background of her video call…