Mar 26, 2020: Six

Today was a good day. “Why?” I hear you ask.

I wasn’t dragged out for a bloody walk is why. No walk for me. I have been outside, though, before anyone worries about my mental health. I brought the garden waste bin back from the front of the house, I hung the washing out, I washed out the garden waste bin and almost didn’t gip at the smell.

So yeah I’ve been outside.

Carole’s plotting tomorrow’s walk though. Apparently it’s a long one. So yaay. We’re alternating long and short ones, so because we just meandered round a graveyard and found a collection of fly-tipped doors across the road from said graveyard we’ve got to do a long one. We’re off to the canal, I think.


In other news, we’ve got a couple of digital options for playing online and we’ve tested it across our computers and it all seems to work. So that’s good – now we just need to find some time for us all to play and then we’re in business.

And the replacement PlayStationn has arrived and is now set up with Dreams downloaded so I can let me creative juices flow, building work-based things while not at work.

What I have learnt, though, is that I am rubbish at judging the time between a delivery person leaving something on the doorstep and them being miles away when I open the door.

And every one of them has made the same noise of shock and panic as the door opens and I’ve had to apologise each time. Apologies do not, however, prevent Corona Virus. But still…

I’m not going to order anything else that might require the door to be opened so we should be alright from now. Probably. Who knows? I reckon I’ll be a dab hand at it all by yhe time everything’s over.

Except going for a lunchtime walk. Bugger that.