Mar 27, 2020: Seven

Apparently I was extremely tired today.

I’m basing that on the fact that I sat on the couch at around 9pm, woke up nearly three hours later and then just went to bed.

And am writing this the day after… so yeah, that happened.

I can only assume it’s something to do with Carole’s walks down at the canal that are just too much for me. Maybe it’s her constant nagging that I could just open my heart a little bit and let some beauty in. Either way, it finished me off.

While we were at the canal, though, I did see a fish leap from the water and catch a fly. I thought about capturing the scene in a picture and making a Facebook post about it to rival the ones about dolphins returning to Venice which were actually dolphins in Sardinia where there have always been dolphins. But hey ho.

So yes, that was Friday in a nutshell. Canal. Walk. Sleep.