Mar 29, 2020: Nine

We took to the digital age tonight, and brought games night to the table again via the medium of steam, some Facebook voice chat and a few tears when everything went wrong and it took us 45 minutes to get going.

But we did get going, and we had a six-player game of Charterstone with almost no hiccups. Apart from the odd random kicking from the game and some drops in quality which we almost ironed out.

And, I came second.

Fricking Sweeeeet.


A place I never normally come.

At one point I genuinely thought I could nudge first with my sneaky, unconventional tactics honed on twelve chapters of loss against Carole. But no. I could not.

But I nearly made it, and that’s all that matters.

Well that and we managed to actually get it all working on a system – Steam – which is definitely not my usual digital playground. At all. In the slightest. Sure, I have a Steam library with games in. But they’re mainly free ones that I’ve snaffled during promo times. I don’t have a gaming PC, really. It can handle stuff like Charterstone fine and dandy, but struggles with anything meaty. It’s not my wheelhouse.

But still, we winged it. And we winged it well.

So games nights are back on for Thursdays, all being well. Another eleven chapters of Charterstone and trying to explain things to people who don’t pay attention and very much won’t read text when it is put in front of them.

Ah, why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s also quite nice, though, throwing out times for people to be available and knowing that they will be, because there are literally no other things going on at the moment.


But weird.

And you can’t even go straight to the excuses. Because there’s nowhere you could be. There’s no thing. And nothing. All at the same time. So yeah, Thursday nights. More technical wizardry and maybe not chatting through the medium of Facebook because it was a noisy pain in the bum…

Maybe Discord voice chat? Or Skype. Or Zoom. Or…

That’s tomorrow’s problem. For now, let’s celebrate coming second at something for once! Whoop.