Apr 2, 2020: Thirteen

We were all set to have a games night tonight, gathering souls across the globe to play the second part of Charterstone via the interwebs but things got in the way and we all had to abort it at the last moment. We thought about trying to pull something together for the remaining few of us, but in the end ended up playing on the ol’ table, just the two of us.

We played Tiny Towns. I love Tiny Towns. I loved it when I first saw it played. I loved it when I second saw it played. I loved it when it came in our final ever game crate. I loved it when I won the first game.

I hate it now.

I made such a fricking mess of the game tonight.

In a game where you have to build buildings by placing cubes, and the smallest of those is 2 x 1 in size, leaving yourself with a lot of 1 x 1 spaces because you’re a huge idiot is not a good plan. Nor is building buildings that don’t score unless they’re next to another building just because they fit in a space you had available. Especially when that available space is nowhere near the building you need it to be near.

Damn it.

I realised very early on I’d fucked it. But there’s no moving stuff once you’ve placed it. Them’s the rules and all that.

I carried that luck on to Azul as well, ending the first two rounds with a score of 0 because of hideous penalties for smashing tiles.

I managed to turn that one around, though. And managed to stiff Carole with a huge tile  penalty as well.

Mwah ha ha.