Apr 3, 2020: Fourteen

Fourteen, eh? Two weeks since work closed, just less than that since lockdown began. Life is still good. The shopping slots are always an exciting high spot of the week – partly for how far away the delivery guy will go after leaving the stuff at the door, and partly because, even now, you really never know what you’re going to get.

But I will say this, the number of people who have taken up baking – bread especially – in these troubled times is absolutely mind blowing because bread flour and yeast are like rocking horse shit at the moment.

Games Night lives on, though. We took to the interwebs this evening for a much smoother, more polished and less connectivity-issued game of Charterstone. Game 2 of 12. The six of us – Addy, Joe, Nik, Daniel, Carole and little ol’ me – battling it out to be the bestest.

Daniel won again.

Which is not that surprising, really. Although what I am finding surprising is that Daniel has played the entire campaign before but seems entirely clueless to the whole thing. I’m not so shocked when Carole doesn’t remember stuff because that’s standard fare, and the kids and Nik haven’t played before. But Daniel knows his games. Usually. Although the way he keeps winning – and the fact he’s drawn the game board out on a piece of A3 paper so he can plot and plan – would suggest he’s running a long game con on us all.

I came in joint second again, which was nice. It’s not last, which is even nicer. But it’s not getting me any nice shiny cups. It’s just increasing my capacity which – actually – is a nice position to be in and I’m trying to be all tactical about it. But it’s impossible to guess what’s actually going to happen because everyone around the virtual table is a loose cannon. And loose cannons, as the saying goes, are just bloody trouble all over the shop, yes siree, Bob.

And it turns out that our campaign was played incorrectly, as we did something which is not taking place in the digital version. Which all makes sense, to be honest. But we did it consistently throughout the whole thing so I guess we call it a house rule for our campaign and I can’t complain that Carole should never have won.


I’m not sure the saying does go like that, now that I think about it.