Apr 4, 2020: Fifteen

I have not enjoyed today.

It’s been, by far, my worst day from a mental health point of view of the whole escapade to date, and that’s even with my government sanctioned, Carole-enforced walk. You know, the walks that are supposed to help with mental health but actually I wake up and think “ugh, I have to go on a walk” today.

So that’s working.

Today we saw more people than ever before on the canal. Having to pull over on numerous occasions to dodge people and keep the assigned two metres distance.

Including one silly old fuckwit who went “No, it’s alright, I haven’t got it.”

Because there’s always at least one of those, it turns out.

In other news, we played some Charterstone – just me and Carole – and I put in my best performance ever. I won a game. I bloody well won a game. The game hasn’t acknowledged that in the slightest and has assigned my winning cup to Carole – no word of a lie – but I did win.

In the following game I put in my worst performance in a game of Charterstone ever.

The game didn’t award me a cup for that, either.

I’m not to bothered about the cup thing – we’re keeping track of our scores after each game anyway, so we can do the end game scoring ourselves. But it’s a bit annoying coming across a bug like that. If I was one of those people who used the internet properly, I’d be writing a massively complainy Steam review, joining their Facebook group just to complain and demand my money back and kicking off on Twitter and wherever else would listen. I’d probably have to join Reddit, I guess.

But I’m not.

I’ll just move the six, seven or eight points across at the end of it all.