Apr 5, 2020: Sixteen

The first good drying day of the year.

A time to celebrate by getting up far earlier than you should on a Sunday – especially when there is nothing going on – to strip off the entire bed down to, and including, the mattress protector, washing it all, hanging it out and getting it back on the bed, dried, before 7pm.

This is the stuff of dreams.

I love days like this. Because, apparently, I reached an age some years ago when I really started to appreciate drying days. Because I’m a massive nerd, I guess.

I love them even more when I’m organised and remember to remake the bed and don’t suddenly realise at 11pm that the bed is still in a basket.

Happy days.

I mean, there’s always a downside to stuff like this, though.

And for me it was finding a tea towel – inexplicably – inside the corner of the duvet cover when I took it off the line. A still damp tea towel nestling in the corner – but not damp enough to convey that dampness to the cover itself, weirdly.

And that’s before you even start trying to work out how that tea towel ended up in there in the first place. I assume it must have got scooped up with the duvet cover when I loaded the machine. But I know not. It could have been in the bottom corner of the cover throughout the entire previous run of the cover being on the bed. But then surely we would have noticed it when we did up the buttons, or manhandled the duvet into the cover. In fact, the cover would have been inside out. It couldn’t have been in there.

But how did it get there?

And why?

Maybe I played a trick on myself, just to give me something to wonder about in a world where there’s not a lot to wonder about.

Maybe it was just on the floor next to the duvet cover and it got mixed in by accident.

We’ll never know.

What a drying day, though, eh? Rogue tea towel or not, it was spectacular.