Apr 7, 2020: Eighteen

Charterstone again…

And the convolutions of trying to get six people all talking on the same thing rear their ugly head again. For whatever reason, Steam’s voice chat doesn’t like us. And last night, Facebook chat died on its arse.


We then had to fight to work out a different way to chat which ended up with one of the six of us having to install WhatsApp despite him not believing in it, wanting it or trusting it as far as he could throw it.

And then, randomly, in the middle of it all Facebook Messenger rang us all.

But that’s by-the-by in the greater scheme of things.

I didn’t win. I don’t even know where I came. It wasn’t last. It definitely wasn’t first. It could have been much worse, though, if Addy had made the right decision to count the building points at the end of the game and not just click away and accidentally choose the other option. And then swear about it a lot. And shout “back!” repeatedly.

But most importantly, neither did Daniel. Joe – the dark horse of the group – has fallen into that groove where he suddenly works out how a game works and establishes a 40 point lead while no-one is looking.

Which is exactly what he did.

He’s established himself as a bit of a threat, for the next 9 games at least. We’ll have to keep an eye on him.

I suspect Daniel will be befriending him at some point. He can’t let that kind of power go unchecked…