Apr 8, 2020: Nineteen

Carole took part in a little quiz based fun this evening via the medium of Zoom, everyone’s favourite video chat service that no-one in the world had heard of prior to the corona outbreak but now can’t live with out.

I had the honour of being in the background, across a table, and got to join in. Which was quite nice. It was a drop in, organised by some staff at Huddersfield Uni for any students who just wanted a bit of contact with people in these troubled times.So, obviously, it was mainly populated by staff.

But the outcome of the quiz was that Carole discovered the story of the Oregon whale and the ridiculous amount of dynamite used to blow it to kingdom come. Or, more correctly, blast some of it so far into the air that it caused untold damage to cars in a car park when it landed but left most of the whale intact on the beach.

I can’t wait for her to have a looksee on the internet for the video. I remember looking it up myself when I was at uni and thoroughly enjoying beginning my ride into the world of weird, wonderful and wacky stuff that has been part of my life ever since. Bad ghost photos, terrible UFO footage. And exploding whales. Via dial-up. When you had to wait for the thing to load before you could play it.

But by Jove it was worth it. So very, very worth it.

And now Carole knows about it. Which is aces. And she won’t have to wait ages for it to load – maybe a little bit longer in these post-covid times after the likes of YouTube have slightly downgraded their service to meet with high demand as everyone needs videos of cats to cheer them up. Or, in my case, bad ghost videos.

Because some things never change – including the quality of ghost videos. #

If anything, they’ve actually got worse. And, if possible, even worse than that when they’re part of a compilation with a narrator desperately trying to sell me on what I’m seeing not being a friend of the person filming it who conveniently moves out of shot after the slow – usually unnecessary – camera pan spots something that they “didn’t notice at the time of shooting”.

Every time.

Professional ghost hunters.

Anyway, go and watch a whale blow up. You’ll thank me for it later.