Apr 9, 2020: Twenty

Twenty long days dodging covid. Twenty days of neighbourly fuckwittery as they play their god-awful music incredibly loudly all afternoon, have friends round all the time, have relatives to sleep over, visitors whenever they fancy and yet still go to town with a mask – well, a scarf tied around their mouth – because there’s a disease about, dontcha know.

Twenty days.

In those twenty days we’ve been playing Charterstone online as a group of six and that has probably come to an end tonight, as three of the six have declared a dislike for the game and thrown in the towel. Probably. We’re on a break from it, anyway. You know, like Ross was with Rachel before he copped off with the copier girl.

So we’re looking for something else to play. Probably Lords of Waterdeep or something. I’ve found a link to a free scenario from a co-op detective game but no-one likes co-op so bugger that for grouping, we’ll just pootle through it ourselves.

Speaking of which, we’ve dabbled in the fun of We Were Here – the co-op, escape-roomy, describathon game which was quite good fun. We died. Somehow. I didn’t even know you could do, but there you go.

What I did learn, though, is that Carole is terrible at describing things. Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise but if we were playing it totally authentically, I shouldn’t be able to see Carole – only talk to her. She describes a lot of things with her arms.

Honestly, if she’d been around to find the Rosetta Stone much of the secrets it held would still be hidden today.

“It’s like a man, with arms like this. And then a bow on top.”



We’re totally going to escape this creepy castle…