Apr 12, 2020: Twenty-Three

Easter Sunday.

A day of celebrating something. Chocolate or whatever. Or, in our case, the lack of it because of the whole non-existent chocolate debacle.

Carole took to the internet this evening to take part in a virtual pub quiz. Sixty questions over an hour and a half of a man getting more and more drunk and doing more and more shout outs to viewers.

It was, it has to be said, awful.

I got to join in, though.

I answered many a question correctly. And some I didn’t answer, but did tell Carole and her friends that they had the wrong answer which gently steered them towards guessing again. Sometimes I employed subtle hints like “the answer to this question is a sexy number”. Because even when I’m not at work, I’m still in full on game master mode…

It’s good to know that, for example, my knowledge of the word gerrymandering and the definition of the word gerrymandering do not go side by side. I know the word, I had no idea what it meant. It was an answer though. What G, the question asked, means the manipulation of political boundaries (or something like that). I got it right by saying gerrymandering – it being a word beginning with G that I have no idea about.

The only slight downside with this virtual pub quiz was that everyone’s internet connection was running at a slightly different buffer rate so the feeds weren’t in sync. There was massive delays in some cases.

The other slight downside was the team know-it-all knowing it all (but not all) and dismissing stuff is she’d already got the answer.

Still, it was nice of her to let us play along in her game.