Apr 16, 2020: Twenty-Seven

Games night!

And, following everyone’s boycott of Charterstone and – to be fair – our subsequent discovery of a game-breaking Charterstone bug, we took to a new game.

Lords of Waterdeep’s digital version and all the expansions for a fraction of the price it cost me to have just the base game delivered by Amazon that time.

I do love me some Lords, but I do think I play it a little close-minded. I tend to only score quests that score in the long run. I should diversify my portfolio a little bit, maybe. Or just play smarter and harder, somehow. Or just get better at it, I guess.

At one point I was on top of the world during this evening’s game and then it all came crashing down into a heap of nothingness as I failed miserable to maintain that lead.


Because Daniel.

Always Daniel.

The dark horse in any race, he’s always plotting and planning. He always has an ace up his sleeve. Normally it’s that he’s got the game in German and so he has to explain the rules to us and he can just say whatever he likes. Which I’m sure he doesn’t do. But he probably totally does.

And then because he always claims to love a game, then pretends to not know how to play it, then wins.

All the time.

Damn it.

So yeah, that happened tonight.

We’re going to tackle and escape room-y one, via Tabletopia, on Saturday which has a play time of 3-5 hours. So that should be fun. Hopefully. I’ve had a look at it already to see how it all worked and to get used to the controls of Tabletopia (which are clunky AF when you first use them) and I managed to piss away all the action tokens in a ridiculously short period and solved zero puzzles.

So yeah.

Roll on Saturday!