Apr 18, 2020: Twenty-Nine

Post-lockdown it became a thing to change the way we did things – all the things. And one of the things that we changed was the way we play games with others. Obviously, we still play actual physical board games here, but to play with others we moved online.

Charterstone was a mixed bag. And the less said about that, the better. Lords of Waterdeep worked really well the other night even if winning it was out of my clutches.

And today we took to Tabletopia, essentially a table simulator in which a number of different board games have been built, made, and are available to play. You still need to know the rules, how they work and everything like that. It doesn’t control your actions. You can literally fuck everything up just as you could a real life board game. And for the bargain price of eight English pounds and one shiny penny, I took Tabletopia into the realms of Premium content which means I have access to all the games in all their player count variations. Huzzah.

We played with Daniel today. We took Escape Plan: The Awakening for a spin. A simple escape room/choose your own adventure type game, with cards and a book of paragraphs to read.

The play time on the thing says 3-5 hours. There are 28 puzzles in the game. I assume you need to solve them all to complete it. Or to get the best outcome at least, I suppose. We played for over two hours this afternoon. We did eight puzzles.

But it was really good. Really, really good. We fluked one puzzle entirely, which was amazing because we didn’t have two-thirds of the information we needed to solve it. But Carole interpreted what was written in a way which led us to the right answer in completely the wrong way.

Other than that, we did everything by the book. The puzzles are really quite clever, too. It’s a very enjoyable experience

We’ve saved the game. Or at least I hope we have – I’ve made a note of everything we had, just in case it’s all gone to shit. We needed to do things, and with twenty unsolved puzzles staring us in the face it looked like we might still be there a while, maybe the full 5 hours, maybe even more.

I’m looking forward to getting back into it, I think.

And then there’s another one to play after that. There’s one puzzle we can just skip, so that’ll save us some time. But the run time on that one says six hours plus…

Oh boy…