Apr 21, 2020: Thirty-Two

It was a games night.

Normally, I am really looking forward to these but for some reason I was a bit out of sorts with this one – it might have been the fact that we were, for a while, looking like we were going to be continuing the escape room puzzle game thing from the other day.

Which is great.

But it’s not 7pm great.

It’s definitely an afternoon game where it doesn’t matter if you run long, rather than an evening game where it’s actually an hour later in Austria and you could be at it for ages.

So it might have been that. Or it might have been something else as yet unknown.

But whatever it was I was a bit meh about it. If everyone else – Carole and Daniel – had said no to it for any reason I’d have been all over that like a tramp on those proverbial chips. But we went ahead.

We decided on a nice, friendly game of Lords Of Waterdeep.

A game which, by his own admission, Daniel has been playing a lot of.

A lot.

He’d played it when he got up, apparently. Then went for a walk. Then played something else. Then played with us. He was definitely in the zone.

We haven’t played it that much.

We both beat him.

In what turned out to be the most ridiculously close game of Waterdeep, or anything for that matter, for some time.

I won.

I actually won. By two points. Two whole points and some calculated risks on the very last move about costs of things versus the points.

All the way through the game, Carole was in the lead. She was on 34 points early on and I hadn’t even noticed. But she was a force to be reckoned with and no messing. She was playing very aggressively, and at one point very stressfully as she tried to complete something vital to her success without either of us knackering it for her. It was a very stressful round.

And a stressful final scoring.

It was, all in all, stressful.

I really enjoyed it.

It definitely banished the mehs that I was feeling up until that point.

Whether that has anything to do with me winning, though, just can’t be answered.

(It totally did).