Apr 24, 2020: Thirty-Five

We once more took to the digital world for a games night, this time taking on Architects Of The West Kingdom via Tabletopia.

You know, for what Tabletopia is, and does, and the fact that it’s free (yes, you have to pay a price for the premium package with allows larger player numbers and certain games) you shouldn’t really complain.

But bloody hell, it has some issues.

We started assembling our team at around 6.30 in the evening. By 7.30 we were close to giving up the whole endeavour. In fact Nik, our leader in this particular endeavour, was willing to break all social distancing rules, hunt down the developers of Tabletopia and punch them in the face such was his annoyance at the whole thing. He set up around five computers to play it on, each of which kicked him out in spectacular fashion.

But we got there in the end.

It then took us three hours to play the game, accidentally drag the player boards around, flip things that shouldn’t be flipped and all sorts of other things.

But it was good fun.

The first hour no-one know what they were doing. The final hour everyone started flagging, and Addy resorted to whining to get Nik to essentially make her moves for her.

But we did it.

We made it through and came out the other side with an understanding of the game and- definitely for Carole and me – a desire to definitely play it again. Maybe at an earlier time, and maybe a bit quicker.

That might have been born from the fact that Carole won. So that will have definitely swayed her decision – I merely achieved a mid-table position but one that I was quite proud of. At one point, I’d done a quick tot up of the scores and I was in a decent position to win but then both Carole and Joe pulled off big things, rather annoyingly from my point of view.

And Nik didn’t head off to kill any of the makers of Tabletopia, as far as we know.

We’ll have to check the news tomorrow…