Apr 25, 2020: Thirty-Six

We’d decided that we would take to Tabletopia again, and have a quiet game of Architects Of The West Kingdom, just the two of us.

However, as things transpired we didn’t find ourselves in a playing position until about 8pm.

And by then there was less enthusiasm for it all, it has to be said. Mainly by me, as I couldn’t be bothered with a 28 page rule book we’d have to keep referring back to for various bits and bobs and I didn’t fancy it taking as long as the other night when we were starting so late.

And then Carole, who was more up for up, started really yawning. Which is a sure sign she doesn’t have long for this world.

So instead we took to Santorini.

We’ve played the slightly sticky version of Santorini at IQ Games, borrowed from their shelves and we quite like it. It’s a great little game of strategy and tower building. And it’s one that Carole seems to have some kind of savant link with. She’ll lose every now and again, but she generally comes out on top in most games we play.

And what’s worse with Santorini is that you can see it coming. It’s not like it’s a totting up of the scores and then you’re surprised to lose. You can see it unfolding before your very eyes.

And equally, you can see everything that you’ve done wrong.

As she beat me last night, in the final round of the best of three, my mind played through every move I should have made. I should have marked her man. I should have scuppered her building plans. I should have stopped her from climbing every upwards.

But I didn’t. I didn’t even move my second player piece.

I hate Santorini.

But I also really like it.

Everdell next, I think…