Apr 26, 2020: Thirty-Seven

Our morning battlefield was set out.

The simplified rail links of North America and parts of Canada lay before us. The whole world, or at least this bit, was our stage. And our players were small plastic trains with which we would claim these cross-country routes, gaining ourselves points and, ultimately, revealing on of us to be the better at putting small plastic trains onto a board.

I hate Ticket To Ride.

That’s not strictly true. I don’t hate it. It’s the first board game we bought, and we played it a lot. And I never won. So my dislike grew from there, really. And every time it comes out – which is definitely does, every time Daniel comes to visit – I know I’m not going to win. And it’s not just the not winning. It’s the frustratingly not winning because I’ve telegraphed my routes and been blocked or just run out of trains.

It’s hard.

I won though.

I bloody won.

It would have been a draw which, you know, I would have won anyway because I had the longest route card but Carole got greedy on the very last turn and tried her luck at drawing a ticket for a route she might have already completed.

She did not.

She lost points.

And that cost her not winning anyway on account of me having the longest route card. So it doesn’t really matter. But still, we can console her with the fact it would have been a draw.

And then hit her with the how to decided a winner in the event of a draw section of the rules which had been written for just such an occassion.

I bloody won.

I like Ticket To Ride again. Not enough to play a second round, I’m not a masochist. But I definitely like it again.

We’ve got two more countries to pootle round with our plastic carriages. I suspect they’ll be coming out soon…