Apr 29, 2020: Forty

As is often the case on a Wednesday – it is Wednesday, right? – Carole joined in with the University’s Music Department quiz to support students feeling alone suring lockdown which is mainly populated by staff. Which is quite a long name and not that catchy bht it is what it is.

As is often the case, I joined in because I’m in the same room.

I shouted out an answer, people didn’t realise who it was and then Carole described me as her colleague.


What the frick, people?

Is that how it is now. Because I’m in her “office” I’m now a colleague rather than boyfriend. Or is she just ashamed of me, and the only was to pass me off is as a co-habiting co-worker? I mean, either one of those isn’t a great outcome for me…

I need to come up with a work meeting so I can refer to Carole as the mail room person or something along those lines and redress the balance a little.


Bloody colleague.