Apr 30, 2020: Forty-One

Games night rolls around again.

Me and my colleague are there. Nik is there. Addy and Joe are there (in body at least). Daniel bails on us because Austria has a better approach to the lockdown thing and is now lifting restrictions and he has lots of meetings to attend. At night.

Because nothing stops the Austrians having meetings, even anti-social hours.

We were planning on playing party games – social deduction and the like – because of there being six of us. We were down to five at the last minute, but there was no time to learn a five-player game. So we stuck with our original plan and sat down to play a filler game of Sea Change.

Several hours later… we were just reaching the end of our Sea Change playthrough. Best of three, it turns out, when there are five players can go on a little while. Especially when we have to explain the cards each turn, for some reason, as no-one can get their heads around what can or cannot be played.

That was just a filler game. A quick few minutes before we played something else.

That was the plan.

By the time that was done the thought of starting something else was a little off-putting to say the least!

I’m going to learn, this week, a few five-player games. Just so that if something does occur like this and our six becomes five again, we have stuff in the tank that we can plop out on the table(topia) as an option for playing.

Not because I didn’t enjoy tonight’s games, I really did. But just because it’s nice to have some other stuff to draw on and because, as Carole would say, if not now when? And because I dropped eight whole pounds of a Tabletopia premium access thing and it seems a real shame not to use it to its fullest extent when there are literally a high number of games on there and to play each of them costs next to nothing compared to buying a physical version.

And because it’d be nice to win stuff every now and again…

Yeah, didn’t win Sea Change. Don’t want to talk about it.