May 2, 2020: Forty-Three

We’re back on the gaming wagon, for definite, as Daniel has emerged from the Austrian wilderness at the news that Charterstone is back working again and that we can continue our game we last played a month ago.

We told him we could play at any point today, so he buggered off for a long walk and haircut before settling down to want to play while we were eating tea, but then we finally were all on the same page and ready to roll some dice and kick some arse.

I was on fire – for the first of our two rounds at least. I won. Which makes this the second victory in this campaign of Charterstone. Which makes it the second victory I have ever had in Charterstone ever. Ever.

I was just bringing home points left, right and centre. And I’d stacked up bonuses in the last game which came to fruition in this one. I was a points machine. Unstoppable. I even drove the game into the endzone so that I could secure my lead, something I very rarely do. Probably because I’m never usually in a winning position.

Our second game wasn’t so good, I came lower down the table. But it’s Charterstone, and there are benefits to losing a game. That’s my excuse. That’s what I’m telling myself, and was telling myself, as I played that game. I might have lost. But I gained a bit more capacity on what I’m allowed to keep. And that will come in very handy next game.


I don’t know.

I feel like it will. I feel like I’ve left myself in a position where I can really hit the ground running next game. I have no resources and no money. But my heart’s in the right place. And that’s all that matters in this world, right?


Well, no.

Resources and money are really important too.

But… you know… heart…

Ah…. well, at least I won two games.