May 3, 2020: Forty-Four

Today we dabbled in the art of Fallout. The board game, not the video game. Although the board game did make me want to pick up my Pip Boy once more and head out into the irradiated wastelands to shoot things in the face.

It was, I think, an ambitious play.

The game is quite chunky and daunting when you first start. And we made it harder on ourselves by not reading everything we should have done – Carole, for example, was looking for one particular card for ages, visiting a settlement multiple times until she found it, and then we discovered we’d not added it to the deck when we should have done.

So that was a bit of a downside to it all.

And we had to check the rules at almost every turn. And there a lot of questions. And it was confusing at times.

And then Carole won because of course she did. Of the two of us, she had the least idea about what was going on. Like even now I don’t think she knows how she spent several hours of the afternoon, but she still one. Absolutely and categorically beat me. I was busy levelling up and she was busy completing quests and gaining influence or whatever it is the game calls the victory points.

Even as she sat there complaining that completing certain quests gave her no personal benefit – which showed me the more materialistic side of her nature, something she normally hides – she was just quietly amassing the tools to win. Even without actually knowing or understanding the win conditions.

Honestly, some days I don’t know why I even bother…

I hope we play it again, though. It was an entertaining run out – once we got past all the squabbling about rules and Carole’s insistence we were playing it wrong.

Which we were, but not in the way she thought (see above re: not adding a card).

No games tomorrow.

I refuse to be beaten again.

(I fully expect we’ll play something and I will lose.)