May 4, 2020: Forty-Five

Ugh, I should write some bollocks about Star Wars because it’s May 4th and it sounds  a lot like May The Force. Ho ho ho.

But no.

Absolutely and definitely sticking to the plan from yesterday I did not touch a board game today. Not a physical one, anyway.

Instead we played a couple of games of Charterstone with Daniel this evening – an evening of Charterstone we arranged the other day and had completely forgotten about. Daniel hadn’t, as he sent many an excited text message about it during the day and there were three missed video calls from him at the exact time we should have started playing (but we were watching a YouTube video instead).

I didn’t do too badly in either of the games we played but my winning streak from the start of the whole thing has definitely left me. I managed a second, through some deft play which not even I was really aware of. I was as shocked as anyone, basically. I was just trying anything I could in order to get where I did. But it’s still definitely on the wrong side of the winning board. Also Daniel built a shit-ton of 20-point buildings today so when we get to end game scoring he’s well away.

Other than that, we’ve been scouring Tabletopia for something to play on Thursday. We originally looked for six players, but Daniel has said that six is too many for online play, which it kind of is with some of the games, so we’re back down to five. We’ve found a couple this afternoon – trying to pick some which require the minimum amount of teaching as – even though we’ve asked and subtly hinted that the kids (i.e. the ones who pay the least attention while playing) have a look at the games beforehand (they’re all on Tabletopia – which we all have, and all have access to) they can’t be arsed to do that.)

And I can’t be arsed sitting through two hours of explanations and then having to make people’s moves for them because they’ve not been paying attention to anything that has gone on before, but have started whining that they were never told things that they were told.

So we’ve opted for a couple of easy games. Although the one we played last week was easy and had a run time of 45 minutes and we were at it for about two hours, so who knows…

Cards, though, are always good. And ones with rude and saucy card text should at least hold some of the attention until I get really cross and kick people from the room. Or mutter under my breath a lot.

I also took the solo run of The Networks for a spin. It’s taking the piss that game. 265 viewers in 5 seasons. I got 212, and that was a fluke. I can’t even get my head around hitting 265. And there’s a card for if your score counter goes past 300. I dragged that round the screen a bit because I thought it must just be on the main board for a laugh. But no, it’s legitimately a piece of the game.

How you even get that high boggles my mind. It was all I could do to get to 212. And I ran out of money on the last round because of poor earlier investments and general greed. And surely everyone has that? 265 my arse.

Anyway, we probably shouldn’t play that on Thursday.

I’d like to, it’s a cool game.

But it has all the hallmarks of taking ages…

And no-one wants that.

And I still wouldn’t win anyway…