May 5, 2020: Forty-Six

I’d say nothing of any consequence happened today.

Apart from that I made it through twenty-four hours without touching a board game, be that real or online. I thought about it. I definitely did that. But I made it. I did it. Rejoice, sing from the heavens and be proud.

And I don’t think there’s any time tomorrow to play anything – not with Carole, at least – as she appears to be in wall-to-wall Zoom (the sponsors of the Covid-19 crisis) meetings all day with work and into the evening with family.

Two whole days clean.

I think I should get a badge or something for that.

In other news, the bedroom door frame is completely stripped. And the entire house stinks. The bedroom is filled with a smoky haze from, probably, all the burning toxins released as I stripped off the gunk. And maybe a little but where I singed the edge of the (to be removed) old wallpaper because when Carole papered she excitedly papered the top of the door frame as well.

And, it turns out, having all the windows open to clear the smell and smoke makes the house quite chilly in places, like we’re haunted.

But it’s either that or potentially die in our sleep, so…

Yeah, Carole’s closed the windows.

The lengths she’ll go to to get out of some meetings…