May 7, 2020: Forty-Eight

Thursday night is games night.

Everyone knows that. Apart from, it seems, two of the people involved in games night because – again – they turn up surprised by the fact we’re playing games, with machines not set up or working and just general chaos in their wake.

A week ago we all agreed to learn a 5 or 6 player game to play. They were, of course, too busy for that. In the end, I chose the game. Carole and I played it and got to learn it. Nik found a video of it for them to watch. They watched it, on Thursday, just before playing. It didn’t help. But what was most annoying was that we sent the links to videos and the like the day before and firstly they complaining it was homework, secondly the complained they were at work (as are Nik and Carole) and thirdly, when they did get round to watching, the asked what the links were rather than scroll back.

It’s all just stuff that makes you wonder why you bother. Or why we bother, because it’s not just me that’s bothering. Caz is fitting in practice and looking in and amongst work and the highest number of family zoom meetings she can possibly reach. And Nik is working too, and writing and wotnot.

I think I might give up with it all… I don’t know what to do. I don’t look forward to it each week and it’s not worth it. We can’t play anything juicy or decent, we’re reduced to card games for kids essentially, games with 30 min playtimes which take over two hours to play through.

I can’t be arsed…