May 8, 2020: Forty-Nine

It’s Friday night and that means… games night.

It doesn’t always mean games night, but we’ve been treated to a barrage of texts and, some would say, needy voice messages about playing Charterstone with Daniel.

So here we are.

We managed to get in three games tonight, interesting in the same amount of time it took us to play that fun little 30 minute game the other night, which goes some way to show how ridiculous it can be on a Thursday.

I was, as you probably already guessed, fricking shocking. Some of the worst Charterstoning ever witnessed by humankind. In a desperate bid for end game points I have filled my charter with a lot of buildings which are very specific use ones and, therefore, absolutely useless when it comes to normal turn-to-turn play. And when four of your six meeples are characters that can only use buildings in your own charter you’re a bit buggered.

But I’m sure that won’t affect the rest of the games in this series.

It absolutely will affect the rest of the games this series. I’m going to have to build over the lot of them, maybe. I don’t know. I’m not even anywhere close to winning so bugger it, what will be will be.

Carole and Daniel, meanwhile, have hit a stride and are jostling for first place on a game by game basis. I get to watch that from my position at the rear of the pack. As Ronnie Corbett once said, “I know my place…”

And I do.


In everything.