May 9, 2020: Fifty

More Charterstone this evening. We have four games of the campaign left before it’s all over and we absolutely don’t start the campaign all over again.

We planned to play two games tonight and two next week, but this game took such a long time to play because the rules put restrictions on what we could and couldn’t do initally (the physical game uses a candle on this game to similarly bugger you up) we had to stop at just one.

Good. Good I say because fuck me, it was the worst game I have ever played.

Just to put it into some context. The final scores ranged from 86 to 33.

Carole and Daniel had 86.

I don’t think we need to talk about the 33. It’s fairly obvious who had that one.

Earlier, though, Carole and I took Die Hard for a spin, bought on a whim not long before lockdown took over, we finally put it in the table for a play.

And it’s really good fun and surprisingly tactical – especially for me as I’m playing as the thieves and I have to really think strategy as I try to Top Trumps myself into the numbers I need to unlock the Nakatomi vault and win the game. All while trying to shoot and punch John McClane enough times that all his blood is outside his body and I’ve taken away all his cards.

I have, so far, done none of those things.

I say so far as we’ve only played Act 1 so far. Which went badly for me, and quite well for Carole. Even if she did, for a while, forget that she had to kill one of my people to steal the shoes (that don’t fit) and escape the level.

We fought with a dice, which we are convinced is loaded, to hit each other and it didn’t end well. Shots fired and punches thrown, multiple times, and only one connected. And my thieves go down with one hit. I mean… sometimes it sucks to be the bad guy.

I’m cooking up a masterplan for Act 2, though. It’s all broken glass and rocket launchers for me, baby. And lift shafts and explosives for her. I’m determined to at least do a decent amount of damage while I’m trying to decipher the lock system at the same time.

I don’t expect to win. I’m the baddies. They never win anyway. And then they have me controlling them….

They’re screwed…