May 10, 2020: Fifty-One

I woke up this morning with a streaming nose and a sore throat.

As I write this, it has abated, although the throat is still a bit on the sore side. It might just be a hayfever/dust reaction, especially given we are sanding things left, right and centre in this house at the moment but if not…

What the fuuuuudge?

I’ve not even seen anyone for ages. Barely left the house. I’ve not eaten any undercooked bat. How am I picking up germs? Where am I collecting them from? Is it the Sainsbury’s man from yesterday, a delivery from last week? What could it be? Could I have just stressed myself into illness?

Either which way I’m not super happy with it – I felt pretty shitty this morning, and I didn’t get to go and see my mum this afternoon because if I was ill I don’t want to pass that on.

But then it might just be all the dust and stuff in the house that we’re kicking up. We need to give the whole place a bloody good wipe down and clean but it seems pointless until we’ve at least finished painting the front room (which we’re doing in stages because it’s really hard to do when two people are at home all the time and one of them is working in the room).

I’m hoping it all buggers off by tomorrow – the sniffles and sore throat, that is, not the dust – so I can feel a little less pathetic but who knows. I’m trying not to think about it because I don’t want to just conjure it into being.

And if it does go away at least I can just blame the dust and spend the next month or so cleaning the house…