May 11, 2020: Fifty-Two

We finished Die Hard today, having broken it down into three lovely little chunks using the game structure as a guide.

I was never destined to win. The odds were very much stacked against me, and not just because it was me and I am terrible at games and very rarely win. I was the thieves. So I wasn’t supposed to win. I was supposed to die at every opportunity and fail in my plan to unlock the vault, while Hans Gruber fell out of a window.

Which is what happened.

But I’d say I was within two turns of winning.

Maybe even less than that had I read the objective descriptions properly before we played and not after I’d spent some turns doing things wrongly. So I could have won. Maybe I should have won. I mean, I polished off the sixth lock in double quick time. I was on fire.

But ultimately, not on fire enough.

Carole managed to wiggle Hans Gruber out of the window in just a few moves. I was powerless to do anything about it, really, other than try and salvage my final move in the time it took her to defenestrate Herr Gruber.

I didn’t quite make it though.

I think we’re swapping roles next time we play, so I get to be John and Carole the thieves… so I should win.

I bet I don’t.