May 12, 2020: Fifty-Three

Our Charterstone adventure is nearly at an end – until we just start from the beginning again. Or uninstall it if I have a devastatingly bad final game.

We have now played 11 of the 12 campaign chapters. We have achieved a happier ending that we did when we played the physical game, which is nice. I, personally, have not achieved a happier ending in that I am currently last out of the three human players who have been involved in the game. I daren’t look how I fare against the AI (that is set to easy) because that will just be soul-destroying.

I know, though, that I cannot win. Or even come close to winning. I haven’t even scored that much for my buildings which, incidentally, I have really been trying with whereas Carole’s not even interested in the building this time round and is still doing better than me.

I’m something like 200 points behind Daniel and 100 behind Carole. I don’t even know how that’s happened, let alone how to change that in the next game. I can’t. I should just set out to shaft them both as much as is humanly possibly and gain some sort of winning feeling that way.

And then when we start all over again I can dabble in a different charter and win and be successful and victorious and people will chant my name.

Or I’ll just end up in this position all over again.

Honestly, I don’t know why I put myself through this. Am I weird because I enjoy this much losing?

In other news, we don’t know when we’re playing the final game, which means we will have pathetic messages and voice mails from Daniel until we finalise it. He’s very indignant if we dare to suggest we are in any way busy.

Even though, bizarrely, we are.

Well, Carole is. Zoom meetings coming out of every orifice that woman…