May 13, 2020: Fifty-Four

One of the things I’ve noticed most about lockdown, apart from somehow having less time even though I am not working at all, is that Carole is very disruptive to my bread schedule.

She is, it seems, programmed to have lunch at noon. Not a moment sooner, not a moment later.

I, meanwhile, from a long time of being at home at lunch times, working over lunches and the like, am not that fussed.

So when I made bread, pre-lockdown, I’d make it in the morning and it would prove and second prove and whatever and I would have lunch in and amongst that. While the second prove is happening, usually, but before the ovening. It was a nice little system I had. I wasn’t in a rush for having lunch and as a consequence my bread would not contain crumbs, hints or soupcons of lunch food.

And then Carole comes along and has to be fed at noon.

Unless she’s gone out for a walk, in which case it’s 1pm. But she never ever goes out for a walk on a bread day.

I could, I suppose, get up earlier and start the whole bread process to avoid the lunch time congestion.

But then, that seems to take the fun out of it. It makes the bread thing seem more regimented, which it’s not. It’s just baking. It’s my chill out time. It’s when I get to listen to podcasts and watch shitty ghost videos on YouTube, or lurk in Twitch channels and things. I don’t want to start it early and make it feel like work. Pfft. No siree.

Things might be better now, though, as the government sanctioned outside time is increased so there might be more walks and that should mean I can cut and shape bread rolls without a  manic woman heating soup in whatever area of the kitchen I need to be in next, insisting on being fed lest she waste away to nothing like an ethereal spirit.