May 16, 2020: Fifty-Seven

Charterstone is over.

I came third. I beat the AI, but lost to humans. I have found my place. I can, for now at least, successfully outplay a machine.

In the final tally, I was 300 points behind Daniel.

Three hundred.

I was 200 behind Carole.

I don’t even understand that last one.

Although having said that, both of them hit the 100s in the final game and I was lucky to crawl along to the low 70s, and I only got there with some cheap-ass bullshit moves exploiting a few card powers in incredibly unsporting ways and using one power to increase the game length by four turns otherwise I’d have been in the forties, if I was lucky.

Still, it was fun. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed not winning ten of the twelve games as it meant a 100% increase in winning performance from the first time we played the physical game. I enjoyed unlocking things we’d not unlocked before. I enjoyed the way the game unravelled. I enjoyed making the king happy and then, ultimately, overthrowing him so he could be replaced by Daniel who, probably, isn’t that great a choice for a leader.

We’re playing something else, though, for a week. And then we’re back to Charterstone again.

I don’t know what, though, as Daniel has declared a hatred for Tabletopia, which is where all the games I want to play live, and has decreed that we shall play Lords Of Waterdeep instead. He is a tyrannical king, it would appear.

And, cunningly, is picking a game he plays almost every day.

But anyway…