May 17, 2020: Fifty-Eight

It was the nephew’s 18th birthday today.

So we had to have a family Zoom to sing him happy birthday. A zoom which, I think, provided the worst rendition of that song ever, and I hate that song at the best of times. Thanks to the variable speed of everyone’s internet and buffering speeds, it was out of time across all the feeds and sounded terrible.

Still, a birthday he won’t soon forget.

We will not be repeating any of that for my birthday on Wednesday, though. It’s just me, Carole, a sexy-sounding cheesecake I found the recipe for and a variety of board games and online escape room experiences which, should we so desire, we can book ourselves on to all bloody day. None of the ones where we control a person in a room, we’re not doing those, but some digital escapes we’re well up for. A bit of old school puzzling and some point-and-click will do us just fine, thank you very much.

There are a plethora of them to sift through, though. They’re popping up all over the place. I’ve found a few I like the sound of, and I’m sure Carole will have a little looksee before Wednesday and suggest some things that we’ll definitely end up doing. Plus we have a few more boxed escape games to play anyway, so we’re all set for a nice day of games and playing, all being well.

Maybe a bit of a puzzle hunt across the interwebs as well, that’d be nice. I saw a thing about one the other day which I now cannot find so it may well be lost in the digital ether for ever.

Just no Zooming.

It’ll get in the way of the cheesecake.