May 18, 2020: Fifty-Nine

We had a little friendly game of Tiny Towns this evening.

A little friendly game which turned into two little friendly games, then three, then four.

It turns out when it comes to positioning small wooden buildings on a grid and realising that you’ve dropped a massive clanger with the positioning of one of them which will have wide-reaching ramifications for how the rest of the game plays out we are very evenly matched.

Our first game was a draw. Our second, Carole won. Our third, I won. Our fourth… Carole won, obviously. Because of course she did. Even in my birthday week she can’t let me win anything.

And because I absolutely cocked up with the positioning of something because I focused on something else and then didn’t leave enough room to keep on putting down buildings. It’s one of those games, like Patchwork, where your empty spaces are penalties in the end game scoring. Unlike Patchwork, though, I can get positive scores, and unless there’s a power we haven’t yet discovered, it’s impossible to fill all 16 of your squares with buildings so you’re always going to have spaces but sometimes you can really screw yourself over – and that’s before your opponent calls out a resource you don’t need – and leave huge gaping holes where buildings should be.

And we play Tiny Towns on a very strict no backsies rule. Very strict. Once it’s down, it’s down. No backsies. No sweet-talking the other player into letting you Mulligan. It’s done. You’ve committed. You’ve put your Tavern two spaces from the end of the board when it should be three spaces so you could build another one, but instead you have to build a millstone and create a lot of single-spaced misery…

… for example.

Purely hypothetically of course.

That’s not what happened in our last game. I definitely didn’t end up with six empty spaces instead of the two my plan should have left me with, leaving me a tavern down and bereft of enough points to maybe snatch victory.

Not at all.

It’s just a scenario I dreamt up in my head writing this.

Damn you, Tiny Towns.