May 19, 2020: Sixty

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so we’ve lined up some digital escape experiences to spend the day on and fall out over.

But before that we were dragged into the world of online board gamery again this eventide, playing with Daniel once more. But not Charterstone – despite his best efforts to get us to start again – and not The Networks which I fancied but he poo-poo-ed the idea of.

Instead, we took to Lords Of Waterdeep.

I do like Lords. When I first saw it played on, I think, Tabletop with the Wheaton I was not really taken with it. But since then I’ve seen it played elsewhere and loved it, so I bought it and we own it and it’s lovely. The digital version is just the same, except we splurged an extra fiver on the expansions (which physically would run into multiple fivers) and you don’t pack it all up to find some of the coins on the floor.

I’m not that bad at Lords either, which is nice. According to Carole’s stats, I’ve won three of the last four games we’ve played. And placed second in the one I didn’t win. Like I say, I’m not that bad at Lords.

Today, I think, I was exceptional. Everything came up Millhouse, as they say. I got what I needed when I needed it, and no-one worked out my final plan and scuppered me in any way – and there way definitely ways that the scuppering could have taken place. My entire last round, I was worried that my four workers would be cut off at each turn of the carefully crafted plan which I hastily assembled at the end of round seven.

Which is to say I was totally winging it, but happily fell into a rhythm where completing a quest gave me some, if not all, of the shit I needed to complete the next quest and so on. It was all very fortuitous.

I really liked it. I’m not going to lie.

I could get used to winning. It could be the life for me.