May 23, 2020: Sixty-Four

We had a friendly game of Azul tonight.

I tried to persuade Carole not to play because her track record against me in Azul is not great. I am the best at fictional, wasteful tiling the world has ever known. Okay, maybe not the world. But definitely our corner of Huddersfield.

So Carole dared to mix it up and play on the unplanned side of the board. The goal, in Azul is to tile a wall (or at least a full horizontal line of a wall to end the game) in patterned tiles – no tile can repeat vertically or horizontally. On the normal side of the board, the pattern is laid out. On the reverse you have a blank wall to go at, so you can put tiles wherever you want.

This is where she got me.

Because I tried to be regimented, so I knew where things would be. I planned ahead, basically, so I wouldn’t be caught out later with a tile I couldn’t place. Carole, however, just bunged tiles any old which way somehow never voiding the placement rules and racking up the highest score either of us have ever seen on the game – she was in the high nineties.

I can’t compete against chaos. Even the thought of making a chaotic layout is too concerning for me. I don’t stand a chance against her. She’s found my Kryptonite. I lose all power when confronted with unplanned tiling.


I’ll never win again…