May 26, 2020: Sixty-Seven

We played my birthday presents again last night – the life of a human with no computer is all analogue.

We started with another round of Quacks of Quedlinberg, partly because it was alreasy set up in the table and partly because we really enjoyed it. By which I mean Carole really, really enjoyed it because she won the first time we played.

No-one should ever underestimate my skills at playing worse the second time round in any game ever. I’m terrible. And I was. During the first game not one pot exploded. In the first three rounds I blew up my pot each time, meaning a loss of points or chips. Points to win, chips to get better points. One or the other… I chose chips each time and, sure, I didn’t explode anymore but i never gained back that initial loss of points, even with four rat-tails in my pot bulking out my brew.

So i lost.

And hastily packed it away before Carole could demsnd another go.

We moved on to Villainous which started out quite tensely as Carole didn’t understand any of it and was getting quite cross and/or grumpy. In fact she claims to have not understood 75% of what she was doing through the whole thing…

… of course she pissing won didn’t she?

She was Hook. I was Prince John. She needed to beat Peter Pan, I needed to have 20 power coin things at the start of my turn to win.

I got 20 power coins with a nifty play-on-an-opponent’s-turn move. When my turn started I would win. Bosh. Hurrah. Get in. All of those terms.

Before my turn, though, Carole casually played two cards – a move allowed by her space – to line up everything dhe needed to beat Peter Pan. And then beat him with an extra move added to her space by a card she added last turn.

In, I repeat, a game she did not understand.