May 27, 2020: Sixty-Eight

I’ve spent quite a long time – nowhere near as long as some – playing Animal Crossing.

I don’t mean in general. I just mean today.

I’ve spent ages gathering up sea shells and selling them to the naked Nook children for shells, being very careful to never really spend too many bells on anything they sell. I’m selling them peaches from the tree outside their own front door. And busy making their daily hot item (campfires today, no pun intended I’m sure) out of the crap I find lying around and then selling it to them.

Along with fish, and any old insects I come across.

They’ll buy anything. They’re idiots.

Their dad has got me over a barrel with my house, sure. Every new room he puts in costs a ridiculous amount. My house was 98,000 bells. Another room is over three times that. He can just charge what he wants, though. There’s no discernible way off the island. Just to another island you can only leave to come back to yours.

He’s even got me paying for the land to build houses on for future residents. He’s had me making the furniture, collecting materials. He’s a tyrant.

I asked for a bridge. It’s 200,000 bells. The whole island can contribute. But mainly me. He’s just arbitrarily attaching prices to all these things. Hundreds of thousands of bells.

He gives me loyalty points though, which I can trade in for travel to other random isles. I get these points for all sorts of nonsense – then I go there, pick all the fruit and come back to sell it to his idiot children.

If it’s not native fruit to my island they give me 500 bells. If I plant one fruit, I can grow a tree with three fruits on. They still buy them like they’ve never seen them before.

Idiot children.

Then I give their money, that I’ve got for next to nothing, effort-wise, to their idiot dad. So he can keep making my house bigger with his own children’s money.