May 28, 2020: Sixty-Nine


As they say.

Today was pretty crap. Carole was having a bad day and then I ended up having a bad day, born of frustration. So both of us were a fricking joy to be around.

The computer saga continues – my computer died last week (very much the theme of lockdown for me as the whole thing started with a dead PlayStation). I got cross about it. I just wanted to order a new one. Get a new one, fix the old one when time is back to a slightly more normal norm. I was talked out of that and Carole sourced a new power unit.

We ordered that.

It came.

It was not the correct power unit.

I just wanted to order a new computer again. Even though they are better now (having had a year or so of improvements) they lack the touchscreen which I barely used on the current one but miss if it’s not there. But still..

Carole, meanwhile, sourced another replacement thing. It’s coming tomorrow. Hopefully.

I’m not holding out much hope it will work. It’s not the way the world works with me. I think my computer is dead, critically, and getting it fixed will be a ball ache. In the old times, I’d have taken it to Currys and asked them to have a looksee at it, while kicking off about the fact that it’s only 15 months old and whether or not I was a fool to think it should last longer than that…

We can, in fact, make a claim under the sale of goods act. Which, if I’m right, means we have to have the machine independently looked at by a technician to see if it’s buggered. Which it clearly is. But hey ho. Also, technicians are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

But anyway… tomorrow. New part.

And failing that… new computer.

Not happy about that for many reasons – cost, faff, annoyance, setting up a new machine, all that jazz. But not having a computer of my own has been a chore – I miss just nipping on and off doing whatever without having to think about it too much. Just using a phone or tablet isn’t my bag, and the laptop is being used as Carole’s work machine for most of the day so it’s not really in the running except in the evenings.

And I’m also really superstitious that the laptop’ll break and then Caz is buggered too.

So yeah…