May 29, 2020: Seventy

So that didn’t work.

Whatever happened to the PC was pretty terminal. Something inside, not just – as I hoped, but doubted – a power supply unit. It’s buggered. Which is poop.

So I’ve ordered a new one.

Not happy, as I said.

But it’s the best thing to do going forward, I think. I need to work on some stuff for work (remember that?)- something I was about to start when it went off last week -and having my own machine I can faff about on is what I need.

Not to mention those Clue Cracker escape rooms. And just the ability to do the online shop without getting frustrated at the way the website is presented on my phone (which is to say, terribly).

And I’ll fathom a way to get the other fixed later, no doubt at great expense to the management.

I’ll be glad to go back to work, just to pay all this shit off…