May 30, 2020: Seventy-One

Yes! It’s new computer day. A day of sadness that I’ve had to get a new computer and a day of joy that I’ve had to get a new computer.

I paid a bit extra to have it delivered in the morning, so that we wouldn’t be lurking around – you know, what with being so busy and social at the moment – waiting for it come and could crack on with other stuff.

And it’s still in the box. Even now. As I write this, lying in bed, hoping I don’t fall asleep and the phone strikes me about the features.

There are reasons that it’s still in the box. Firstly, there’s the whole faff of setting up a new machine. A faff which, to be fair, the machine takes care of for the most part, but then it’s websites and services and whatever that need to be downloaded and logged into and whatnot. And there’s always something that you won’t remember for ages and then when you go to use it you’ll not remember the password or whatever.

So, faff.

Also, the front room is a mess at the moment as we’ve been painting the window and skirting, so everything’s pulled away from the wall, the curtains are in a pile under the table and it’s not really the right feng shui to release a new computer into.

Still, at least I got it delivered nice and early so we could spend most of the day walking past the box.