Jun 1, 2020: Seventy-Three

As part of our – Carole’s – lockdown house rejuvenation scheme we have purchased some new curtains for the front room.

Our previous curtains were dark brown, heavy ones. These are light and floaty yellows and creams and greys and are, actually, quite nice. I mean, from a gaming immersed in the dark point of view, the brown ones were way better but these ones have changed the whole look of the front room which is weird.

It just feels nice and summery.

Helped along, in no small part, by the new curtains holding an appeal to multiple butterflies (different species as well, to keep Blathers happy in his museum. It’s an Animal Crossing reference. I’m a nerd).

They’d only been up for about half a day and they already had more butterflies on them than the brown ones ever did.

Which is to say two of them.

Both positioned in the most awkward places to remove them, so that when I so much as moved the curtain a little bit they freaked out and started flapping around all over the place.

But I captured them none-the-less, opened the window ( a feat made all the trickier by having butterflies held in cupped hands) and they flew out of their own accord, I didn’t even have to hold my hands outside. They just buggered off as I opened the window, I obviously left a gap for them to wriggle out as I fought with the window latch.

Bees could learn a lot from butterflies. Wasps even more so. Flies are a lost cause.

Butterflies seem to understand an open window. Bees are too busy waving their legs in the air angrily trying to dissuade you before they need to bring in the stinger. Wasps want to fuck you up. And flies are just idiots.

But butterflies are a joy.

Which is just as well, judging by the magnetic attraction for these curtains.

I mean, they are nice curtains.

I’m not sure I’d ever tell Carole that though.