Jun 2, 2020: Seventy-Four

There’s nothing else to possibly consider.

This house is cursed in some way, shape or form. I don’t know what it is, what we – me, in particular – have done to draw the wrath of whatever overlord is controlling the shite but something is definitely amiss in the world.

So, lockdown started with a PS4 which was, for all the will in the world, dead. It turned on. But it wouldn’t update, connect to a controller – even if the controller was connected – or do anything other than sit and look nice.

Then the PC went bye-bye last week. And it’s definitely something inside it, not just a cheap component in a power pack. So that’s pretty major.

And then today, for some reason, the Nintendo Switch on which I am lovingly building the community of IsleGetchu wouldn’t display its images on the TV. Or the TV wouldn’t display its images. One or the other. I couldn’t establish where the curse lay. The Switch was fine, and the preview image of what the Switch was sending to the TV was fine. Just the TV didn’t want to show it.

So it was probably the TV which wasn’t fine. Because that’s the more expensive thing in the equation.

That one was cured with a swift bit of turning off and on again – I say swift, I sat in front of it for a while muttering about wanting to know what the hell was happening in this house, but yeah. So that’s three things now.

That’s enough.

I’m not bored enough during this time away from work and whatever that I want to be spending all my time sorting technical things out – or not, as the case may be.

The next few weeks could just be incident free. That’d be great.

I’m not holding my breath…