Jun 5, 2020: Seventy-Seven

We haven’t played any board games in a while. Things have been getting in the way, Carole’s been working super hard, and our evenings have just been set aside for her to relax after busy days staring at screens.

But today we lifted the lid off the table and had a few friendly games of Sagrada.

Stupid game.

In Sagrada you’re building a stained glass window out of lovely coloured dice. You have to position the dice in a grid according to colour or number, while trying to fulfil scoring objectives and not putting any of the same colour or number next to each other. There’s a lot going on.

Carole is freakishly good at it.

I, surprisingly, am not.

We have played, I think, seven games of it. I have won one of those. Each of the ones tonight I just got progressively worse to the point where, in our final game, Carole offered to take one of the higher difficulty cards while I chose an easy one, so that I had a chance.

I didn’t choose an easy one because a charity win is even worse than losing.

But I still lost.

And it sucked.

But a charity win would have sucked more.

And even more if I hadn’t even won the charity win.

Oh god imagine that. I’d be melting all the dice down, right now, in a pan over the hob. Melting all the little pips off them so they couldn’t hurt anyone ever again.

But I lost fair and square. And because I was more concerned will filling my window that actually paying attention to the scoring elements.

That might be where I went wrong…

… I think it might be a theme across most of the games I’m playing.