Jun 6, 2020: Seventy-Eight

I don’t know why we play new games with Daniel, I really don’t.

We’re back on the playing games online bandwagon now, although how long that will last as Carole heads into a stressy couple of weeks of exam assessment stuff at work remains to be seen. But we managed to squeeze in a quick game tonight.

We opted for The Networks, a game Carole and I have played (I lost) and a game I played in the solo variant (and lost). There’s a theme.

Daniel has never played The Networks. He made it one minute into a how to play video before we started, so he was pretty clueless. I think I explained the game too well. I need to learn to ne better. I need to start omitting rules that I should bring up when it’s too late for anyone else but me to benefit from them.

Not that I remembered everything about the game anyway, and had to deduct some points from myself for a rule infraction so that I felt better about being way in front in round one. Which I was. Way way in front.

Unfortunately, The Networks is played over five rounds.

So, yeah, I lost.

Daniel won.

I came second.

Carole was last.

I beat Carole by twenty points. For two rounds, Carole had a no scoring show – Wide World Of Forks – in her 8pm time slot. If she’d played anything else in there she would have beaten me.

And I thought I was pretty good at the game. Turns out, not so much.

We’re back to Charterstone next time. A new campaign, which is just as well as all the previous campaigns lie trapped on a dead machine at the moment. But we’re going to alternate – one game Charterstone, then one game something of our choosing.

Which I will lose.