Jun 8, 2020: Eighty

I’ve had my new computer for around a week now. I still haven’t laden it with all the stuff I had on the old one, but I have stripped it of all the crappy Candy Crush Sagas and links to which resided in the start menu.

It’s a lovely machine and I’m glad to have it in my life. It’s so much easier being able to just hop on and off various things, rather than trying to negotiate sites on my phone. It’s nice to use a machine which I have not – and will not – let the pervasive fingers of Facebook anywhere near. Nothing on it will be “A Facebook company” or “powered by Facebook”. I find that important, as more and more things on my phone appear to be falling under the Facebook umbrella nowadays. And me no likey.

So I like the computer.

Which is why the fates decided to mess with me today, and dropped the Spider-Man canvas off the wall. The Spider-Man canvas which hangs directly above where the computer lives.

The Spider-Man canvas which, by a massive stroke of luck, fit almost exactly into the space left between the back of the screen and the wall. The massive stroke of luck being that I moved it slightly this morning to do something. Otherwise, Spidey’s wooden frame would have made direct contact with the top of the screen. And that probably wouldn’t have ended so well.

Nice try, universe.

Nice try.