Jun 10, 2020: Eighty-Two

I’ve had enough.

Not of lockdown and being safe.

But of everything else, I’ve just had enough.

I’ve given up, as of today, with most of the elements of social media. It’s just soul-destroying. I don’t like people as a general rule. But I like people even less through the lens of social media. It’s not social. It’s just awful one-upmanship everywhere you look.

Tempers are high at the moment. We have Black Lives Matter, we have Covid-19, we have JK Rowling being transphobic (and by association, Graham Linehan – writer of the IT Crowd and Father Ted – wading in because he is the King of Feminism and trans-hatred and is actually attacking people that I know with his band of keyboard warriors) and we’re barrelling towards a shit Brexit where we’re going to be expected to eat chlorinated chicken, chemically grown beef and tomatoes that have been up Trump’s arse.

I can’t be bothered with any of it. It’s just absolutely exhausting. The number of racists, bigots and general fuckwits that are passing my eyes – some whom I have known or followed for some time – is just depressing. I’m fed up of seeing people say “all lives matter” and really not getting it – yes, they do, but the black lives are statistically more likely to be snuffed out than the white ones. When people say “save the rainforests” people don’t say “all trees matter”. Or save the oceans, all water matters.

Then there’s the statues thing – suddenly everyone knows the history behind every statue in the country. You tell a person that a statue is of a slave owner, say, and they’ll tell you that the statue isn’t because of that it’s because of the philanthropic nature of the person in question, spreading his wealth about (that he got by, you know, doing no work himself but getting his slaves to do it). A day or two ago, they knew fuck all about that statue. But it should stay because it’s the British thing to do.

Or anyone who calls the protests riots.

Or anyone who gleefully bangs on about how the lockdown is stupid and could be ended and then with the next breath says that the protestors are risking everyone by protesting.

Or the ones who say “but where were the marches for…” or “why aren’t you banning White Chicks” after Little Britain was removed from iPlayer (apparently for blackface but it could just be because it really wasn’t any good in any way, shape or form).

The same people who ask when International Men’s Day is.

Or boycotting tea. Or boycotting supermarkets (although, good – at least now it’ll be easier to get a delivery slot).

Or assuming that any transgendered individual is wanting to use a women’s bathroom because they want to do untold nasties to the ladies in there. Or, in many an argument, “your daughter”. Because obviously, being transgendered is exactly the same as being a paedophile.

Or the people who think everyone should be back at work and that there’s no fuss. Or the ones who think that it’s the 5G masts that have caused the Covid outbreak. Or the ones who are seriously turning to Linda Lusardi for scientific discussion about whether Covid-19 is man-made because she had blue sick.

Or all the people who wanted Brexit because “they’re coming over here taking our jobs” steadfastly refusing to take up the thousands of fruit picking jobs that need filling (and would have been filled by workers from Europe) because they’re better off watching Sky on their massive TVs and not working.

Lockdown has, in a way, shone a light on what people are really like. I know it has with me – I’m a mental case, and that has been evidenced over the past few months. I’ve been up and down – mainly down – like a broken lift. But when you don’t have an outside life that you can splash all over the sosh meeds, you tend to just start being a bell end because you need to post something because otherwise you won’t be relevant.

And it’s exhausting.

So bollocks to it.

I’m done.